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The latest legislative news in the home inspection industry

The best home inspectors are licensed, educated, and in the know with the latest legislative changes. Our ears are constantly to the ground. We keep you up to date on the latest news & developments in the regulation of the home inspection industry. 

Ohio Passes Home Inspector Licensing Bill


For more than a decade realtors have made home inspector licensure a priority in the state of Ohio - and it's finally come to fruition. Governer John …

Update from the Texas Real Estate Commission - the 86th Legislative Session


The 86th Legislative Session of the Texas Real Estate Commission is currently in its 2018-2019 review cycle. Issues at hand: Texas should consider re…

Wisconsin legislative changes impact what a home inspector calls a defect


Wis. Act 338, effective July 1, 2018, modified the home inspector statute, Wis. Stat. Chap. 440, to create consistency between the offer to purchase a…

Alaska Department of Commerce Proposing Changes to Licensing Fees


The Department of Commerce, Economic Development and Community in Alaska are proposing changes to occupational license fees charged to home inspectors…

Legislative Move Changes the Definition of "Defect" in Wisconsin


Buyers and sellers routinely spar over the meaning of "dispute" and what property conditions constitute them. Inconsistency between the standard …

Ohio Closer to Licensing Home Inspectors


Steps have been taken moving Ohio closer to licensing home inspectors - proposed legislation has been drawn up by the Ohio House Economic Development,…

Shrinking Pool of Appraisers Raises Concerns in the Mortgage Industry


GlobalDMS recently released a report on the shrinking pool of appraisers in the mortgage industry and its impact on the market. Changes in the way res…

Hawaii Considering Regulation for Home Inspectors


Hawaii is considering regulating the home inspection market. Currently there are no requirements for home inspectors to obtain licenses. Senator Will …

California Regulates the Inspection of Pools


Starting January 1st, 2018 California is requiring all homes sold that have a pool must be evaluated for certain safety features to prevent drowning. …

Data Security Risks in Home Inspection Software - How Insurance Companies Can Use Your Data


Certain home inspection software can potentially open up serious security vulnerabilities. Insurance companies who own the software program compi…

How Home Inspections Can Kill Deals


Deals can often fall apart after a home inspection and create a nightmare for buyers and sellers. Dylan Chalk with Realtor Magazine argues the fault i…

Virginia Home Inspectors Must Be Licensed - as of July 1, 2017


Home inspectors in Virginia are now required to be licensed. Any realtor who recommends an unlicensed home inspectors may be liable.  View the mo…

Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board New Code of Ethics


At the July 14 AHIB meeting it was determined membership in referral groups such as Business Network International (BNI), or other types of groups, is…

Colorado State Senate Axes Bill to License Home Inspectors


The Colorado State Senate narrowly killed a bill (in a 5-4 vote) that would have set requirements to practice home inspection in the state of Colorado…

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